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Still needs to be properly created.
  1. Find artist info on
  2. Save album cover locally
  3. Upload album cover with title of image as per title of album
  4. Select the appropriate Genre (edit new or existing)
  5. Add in Artist and basic album details
What it will look like:
  1. Artist One Home Page
  1. Artist Two Home Page
What the source should be:
#[[Artist One]] [[url Home Page]]
*[[Artist One#AlbumOne]], 1999
*[[Artist One#AlbumTwo]], 2000
*[[Artist One#AlbumThree]], 2001
#[[Artist Two]] [[url Home Page]]
*[[Artist Two#AlbumOne]], 1999
*[[Artist Two#AlbumTwo]], 2000
*[[Artist Two#AlbumThree]], 2001
[[Category: Music]][[Category: Genre-of-Music]]
  1. Once you have the basic outline in place (say a single artist, 2-4 albums) try and locate a Biography on the artist for inclusion on the artist's wiki page.
  2. Preview your additions, and open the link to the artist's page and add biography
  3. To add discography you need to do as follows:
What it will look like:



  • Released: 1999
  • Tracks: 20
  • Label: [Label]
  • Track Listing
  1. Track One
  2. Track Two
  3. Track Three
  4. Track Four
  5. Track Five
What the source should be:
== Albums ==
=== AlbumOne ===
*Released: 1999
*Tracks: 20
*Label: [[ Label]]
*Track Listing
#Track One
#Track Two
#Track Three
#Track Four
#Track Five
  1. You need to be sure you uploaded the image properly and call it by the right name.
  2. Back on the Genre page where you're adding your artist heading and your album subheadings make sure your albums have proper headings on the artist page so that your links as follows will work:
Link to artist: [[Artist Name|Artist Name]
Link to album: [[Artist Name#AlbumOne|AlbumOne]

Make sense? Be sure to properly comment your changes and always preview a few times before saving.

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