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Where to send queries

  • General Queries: admin at
  • Abuse : abuse at
  • Database Services : db-admin at
  • DNS Services : dns-admin at
  • Mailing Lists : list-admin at
  • Mail aliases, mailboxes : mail-admin at
  • Web Services : web-admin at

Useful Mailing Lists

  • The hivemind announcement list - System announcements are posted to this list

To subscribe, visit

Help files and references

Services provided

Mail System

  • Incoming mail is protected against spam, using [1]Spamassassin, and protected against virii using [2]ClamAV on top of the exim4 mailer. Spamassassin can be switched off on specific user accounts if so required (request from the mail administrator).
  • Webmail is available to users via [3]
  • POP3 and IMAP servers, available on the standard 110 and 143 ports, as well as ports 1110 and 1143 (for users who are not allowed by their ISPs to connect to these ports)
  • SMTP running on port 25 and 1025
  • Statistics on the mail system, including spam messages processed, is available to users.

DNS Hosting

  • Primary and secondary hosting for various domains.
  • Please request via appropriate channels should you require this service.

Web Hosting

  • Web hosting via the [4]Apache web server, including support for SSI, cgi_bin, mod_perl, php4, and others.

Database Hosting

  • MySQL and PostgreSQL databases are provided on request.

SSH Shell Access

  • ssh access to honey is restricted to a needs-only basis and requires ssh2 DSA key of 1024 bits (/home/user/.ssh/authorized_keys2)
  • should you require ssh tunneling for secure sending/receiving of email as per this [website] please contact the administrators.
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