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Forms Needed to Request Services

Firstly, before you request any email address, alias, website or mailing list you must at least be a regular participant on the network or be invited by someone who is. Please note we simply cannot give out accounts to all and sundry as we're in the middle of a system migration.

The Hivemind Network is a free service, open to all who demonstrate a willingness to maintain netiquette and the relevant list or forum rules specific to a domain, list or online forum.


  1. Hivemind Netiquette
  2. Cape Linux User Group [rules]
  3. Netiquette Guidelines in [RFC1855]


  1. Request an Email Account
  2. Request an Email Alias
  3. Request a Mailing List
  4. Request a Database
  5. Request a Blog Installation
  6. Request Webhosting Space
  7. Request Domain Hosting
  8. Request Apache Config modification
  9. Request Logging on Virtualhost (analog)
  10. Request Logging on Virtualhost (other)

Domain Registration

  1. Sample DNS records and DNS records


Please report all instances of abuse to and if in the case of email please provide the full header information so we can properly diagnose the problem. For more information on extracting email headers take a look [here] on the ISPA website.


Please review the Hivemind Contact pages for more information on who you can contact.

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