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About me

Name  : Tim Robinson

Date of Birth  : 27/02/73

Place of Birth  : Chatham, Kent, United Kingdom

Place of Residence : Canary Wharf, London, United Kingdom

Marital Status  : Single

I am management consultant based in London. Having said that I am rarely in London but instead in such exotic and far flung places such as Singapore, Sydney or Slough.

Whilst I do travel a lot as part of my job I also enjoy travelling recreationally. My favourite short haul destination would be one of the Greek or Spanish islands in the Mediterranean such as Ibiza or Santorini. My favourite long haul destination right now is India.

I sometimes feel I am the token Englishman of the Hivemind amidst a seemingly endless sea of Saffas ;->

When I am not working I like to drink a lot and dance with girls :-)


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