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History of the Hivewiki

The first Hivemind Wiki was hosted on, and died for two main reasons:

  • Security vulnerability in wiki software and problems installing update
  • Lack of interest after initial flurry of activity

The second iteration of the Hivemind Wiki was hosted on

  • I'm not sure why it died. Did it perhaps have issues with a mysql upgrade?

This third iteration. Hosted on

  • The content was restored from backups of the previous wiki. Content is terribly distorted though.
  • We are counting on volunteers with lots of free time to get our wiki back in order.

The fourth and latest edition of the wiki. Hosted on

  • Mediawiki install by Peet_Grobler | 1500 Kudos | 26 July 2007
  • Old wiki data recover from backup mysql database by Peet_Grobler (1000 Kudos) | 26 July 2007
  • Restoration of various images by Bretton | (500 Kudos) | 26 July 2007
  • Creation of wiki mailing list [[1]] by Bretton | (500 Kudos) | 26 July 2007
  • Updating and correcting of data started 26 July as well.

Latest Wiki

The current wiki is MediaWiki version 1.7 and is running on, the new hivemind server.

Regular Wiki Contributors

The following people make regular contributions to the wiki:

What we need done on the Hivewiki

  • Addition of new content in sections where a skeleton outline exists. Just pick a spot and start adding content, even if it's just a page about yourself or the lists you're on.
  • Editing of existing content. There are always typos and formatting errors to be fixed.
  • Policy Documents for articles, archived threads, information resources on the wiki (essentially HOWTO documents for adding content to the wiki)
  • Policemen! We need people to check that the wiki isn't poisoned by unscrupulus characters.
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