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Boring day at the office? Try some of these:


Puzzles and puzzle games

Puzzling games

Mindless games

Multiplayer games

Stuff to play with without any real objective

Coding game

Things to test your brain, personality, typing or lifespan

Things to read or look at

Things to do when you're bored

Insanely difficult puzzle

Collections of games or puzzles

Timewaster portals

Previous List of Time Wasters

The Time Wasters Collection below is an earlier version of this page that needs to still be incorporated into the list above. Additionally the list above could do with the sort of formatting as the list below.


  • Not Pron - "The hardest riddle available on the internet"

Flash games

  • GameBlast - Lots of flash and small win32 games here; my favourites are currently Luxor and Oasis.
  • Orisinal - Morning Sunshine - more flash games.

Web-based RPGs

  • Dark Throne - "Dark Throne is a turn-based massively multiplayer online fantasy game you can play right through your web browser. Sign up as Humans, Undead, Elves, or Goblins and fight other players as you try to take control of the throne."

* Legend of the Green Dragon - A lovely piece of BBS history brought back to life!

(Items in bold are highly recommended.)

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