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* People who don't indicate
* People who don't indicate
* People who drive right up your butt
* People who drive right up your butt
* [ buy term paper]

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  • Minibus Taxi's [edit: Minibus Taxi's what? - *efg*]
  • Men who wear tight jeans, hairy chests and gold medallions
  • Cowboy boots
  • People who can't format emails properly
  • Telkom
  • Intel
  • Microsoft
  • George Bush
  • People who simply cannot spell or discern the difference between 'their' and 'there'; 'where' and 'were'; 'woman' and 'women' me INSANE.
  • People who use sms-speak (4 instead of for, etc) on IRC
  • Cashiers who hand you your change on top of a note
  • People who say "thank you" when they exit an elevator
  • The fact that you can't cancel an elevator button once it's been pushed
  • Automatic doors that dont
  • Buzzwords like "Infobahn" and "Webinar"
  • Buzzprefixes like "Cyber-" and "e-"
  • The politically correct "girl child" and then the even worse "girl children"
  • People who beep to say "Hi" to their pedestrian pals
  • People who spit on the street
  • Identity-group grievance-mongers
  • People who, once you've sent them an e-mail telling them what you want/need, will then mail you back asking questions they would know the answer to had they bothered to actually read your original e-mail.
  • People who repeat everything they've heard/seen on TV without thinking about it, researching it, formulating their own opinions on it...
  • People who don't indicate
  • People who drive right up your butt
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