The Meaning of Liff

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liffnen (n.) A common object or expeirnece for which no word yet exists, and cannot be added to the excellent 'The Meaning of Liff' collection because sadly Douglas Adams passed away.

foonrondloop (vi.) A common call-centre practice adopted by South African companies where customers are passed around in an unending chain of clueless people until they eventually give up on the idea of complaining. Telkom specialty, but other companies have been known to have performed a cost-benefit analysis and found this model highly satisfactory.

maidvillain (n.) A special type of robber who routinely targets domestic workers between the 18th and 28th of each month, forcing the maid to ask for a loan.

sugarhole (n.) A black-hole resembling wonder of science through which 30% of South African domestic sugar disappears.

suidlipid (n.) Type of fat whose origin is unknown. Used largely by fast-food manufacturers of South Africa. Some insist that this substance makes up at least 25% of South Africans' calorie intake. Another quarter is attributed to the survivors of the sugarhole.

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