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File:Sam14.jpg Briefly, I'm a journalist based in Johannesburg, South Africa. I specialise in information technology and was the editor of a weekly IT title, Computing SA, for three years. After nearly a year of freelancing I went back to real work in July last year, and am currently the features editor on Brainstorm/ITWeb.

Pet hobbies of mine (and things I'm most likely to contribute articles on) include history, paganism, herbalism, anything and everything Internet related.

I'm straighforward, down to earth, mostly easy going but can occassionally be very intense. I have no time for BS, am a journalist who is perpetually on deadline and who gets nothing done without a deadline. One day I'm going to find a nice cottage in the country and find the time to be a nice, friendly, happy, people-person, but not just yet. ;-)

   * Astrological Sign: Aries
   * Industry: Communications / Media
   * Occupation: Journalist
   * Location: Johannesburg : South Africa


   * reading
   * writing
   * cooking
   * gardening
   * painting
   * scuba

Favorite Movies

   * Breakfast Club
   * Lost Boys
   * Natural Born Killers
   * erm - too many?

Favorite Music

   * rock
   * metal
   * alternative

Favorite Books

   * Raymond Feist
   * Terry Pratchett
   * Joanne Harris
   * loved the Enders Game series
   * Niel Gaiman rocks... Tolkein (of course)
   * JK Rowling (yes I like Harry Potter ok? ;-)) 

Bugger - these are authors not books oh well...

For more detailed info you can visit - my blog (

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