Revenge of the Pig Children

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Revenge of the Pig Children

An original thread from the Hivemind Mailing list archives, originally appeared on the list and the old wiki and has been restored to former glory on the new wiki.

Johann Visagie:
It's not a new idea, but it's interesting to see it being exploited

Johann Visagie:

And another technology that's finally "getting there"...

Alicia Woolf:

This ink web site. What a fantastic presentation they offer!
It didn't take long to load and played through smoothly.
Yes please!
Oh by the way, has anyone been keeping up with the swoppable genetic
material with pigs? As far as I understand it, there are now pigs whose
genetic material is 99% compatible with ours.
Yippee! Edible organ donors! Come and get yours....
Only thing is, there was an article in the paper the other week that said
people who had these implants had to sign an affidavit promising they'd
never have children after the op. Seems that the genetic material and
DNA/RNA strands are so compatible that kids born will have pig
chracteristics. They just don't know what kind...
It's just like science fiction, isn't it? Just grosser.


What was that old saying, something along the lines of "truth being stranger than fiction"

John Anderson:

So I guess it wouldn't be kosher, or halaal, to eat such children? Oops.
That dude in The Spy who Shagged Me would be happy though - spot of baby
and eggs for breakfast?

Ben Kelly:

What I would like to know is how did they find out about this transfer
of genes? Are there a number of slightly porcine looking children running
around somewhere?

Alicia Woolf:

As far as I understand it, there are no children (yet). Why they think there
will be problems rest on the basics of cell growth and division: These new
cells, containing different DNA and RNA strands that are not fully
understood, are carried through the blood, living and mutiplying in every
part of the body. These new cells are passed into the child.
Thinking about it, as one's own genes would mutate through the mixing, I'll
bet you that people who have these transplants will themselves eventually
become porcine in some way. How could they help it? They're not entirely
human anymore.
I'd choose death over living with pig parts in me. Yuch.

Jon Tullett:

Don't they use pig heart valves in valve replacement operations? Or
something like that? Me, I'd choose the pig over an untimely demise any
time. On the genetic side, it's always risky experimenting with things that
might have profound side effects, and I'd probably be nervous about having a
gene splice from another human, never mind another /species/ :)
Let's bear in mind though that of all the genes, relatively few are directly
related to appearance. You could probably change lots of them before you
risk growing a snout. 8=)

Jeff Fletcher:

The News 2025
The effects of the pig gene replacement programs started
at the end of the 20th century have had some rather
unexpected results:
Second quarter figures released by the food giant MacDonalds
have shown that the introduction of MacSwill and Fettered
MacLettuce have outsold all the traditional products.
Pork farmers throughout the Mid West have turned to the US Army
to help protect their live stock from the continued theft
attempts of the Porcine Liberation Front. This new urban
terrorist group is also holding large scale protests outside
Ed's Cracklin factory in the hope of creating an awareness of
the atrocities they are committing. Henry "Babe" Plunkett,
president of the PLF says "I will not stop until my brothers
may wear their skin without the fear of being burnt to a
High school students are now spending more time rolling
around in the mud than on the football field, research
shows. Many students are apparently appalled at the idea
of 'tossing the old pig skin around' and are boycotting
the school football teams. Jim Adamson, head-coach for the
Louisville Razorbacks says,
"In my day the kids weren't so darn pig headed".

Alicia Woolf:

[Alicia nods her head weakly, still shaking with laughter]
Thanks for being a part of my world, Jeff!

John Anderson:

This just in: The PLF's legal representatives, Trotter & Sow, are
considering instigating a class-action suit against Jim 'Wolf'
Adamson for derogatory use of racially motivated hate speech.

Compiled by Ant Brooks (2000-09-20)

Recovered and uploaded to wiki by Bretton Vine (2005-11-04)

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