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Parking at Johannesburg International Airport a.k.a OR Tambo

Parking shuttle busses

Big Sky operates 5 shuttle busses, 24 hours a day between JIA’s terminal buildings and the long-term and staff parking facilities i.e. Super South Gate and Shade 3. Big Sky can be telephoned at +27.11.979.3323 or email them at
gauteng (at) bigskycoaches.co.za

Parking long term

A park and ride long term parking facility is available at the Super South Gate at low tariffs (R10 a day) for clients who want an alternative to the terminal building parking facilities. This low cost facility is close to Jet Park, past Emperors Palace (see shuttle root map). A shuttle service (mentioned above) delivers and collects passengers from terminal buildings. To find out more about this parking facility please call +27.11.921.6090 | +27.11.921.6091 or e-mail:
service (at) acsa.co.za


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