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:*[[Wordpress blog setup, mini-HOWTO]]
:*[[Wordpress blog setup, mini-HOWTO]]
:*[[OR Tambo Parking]]
:*[[OR Tambo Parking]]
=== [[Image:pineapple.png|pinapple-48x48.png]] ===
The '''new''' Hivemind server.
For those really interested, see [[Honey hardware]] for a description and reasoning behind the hardware.
Sporting an AMD Sempron(tm) 3000+ 64-bit processor running at 1809.279MHz, 1GB memory. running Debian GNU/Linux stable, kernel 2.6.15-1-amd64-k8. '''Historical:''' 4 x 120GB IDE HDD, giving us a 360GB RAID-5 array, 300GB SATA disk for backup purposes.
The disks were upgraded to:
4 x WDC WD3201ABYS-0 SATA disks, 298GB each, specifically designed for RAID purposes. This provides us with two RAID-1 arrays, across which we run RAID-1, giving a total of 575.64GB available as a physical volume for LVM, and the additional required 10GB root partition (RAID-1 across all disks), as well as a 1GB swap partition on each disk (which is, incidentally, not used). The 300GB SATA disk is still used for backup purposes, but now also sports the /tmp partition, and an almost 4GB swap partition. We've also got one spare disk each (Peet and Bretton), prepared to be swapped out at any time. The SATA disks allows us to do a swap-out and RAID rebuild without any downtime. The disks are fitted in a removable cage, to allow for easy swapping.
==== [[Image:alert1.png|alert1.png]]Services available ====
*[[Image:right16x16.png]][] (to be deprecated)
=== [[Image:email4.png|email4.png]] Contact Administrators ===
#Mail [ Hivemind Admin]

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