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===SSH Shell Access===
===SSH Shell Access===
*ssh access to honey is restricted to a needs-only basis and requires ssh2 DSA key of 1024 bits (/home/user/.ssh/authorized_keys2)
*ssh access is restricted.
*should you require ssh tunneling for secure sending/receiving of email as per this [[ website]] please contact the administrators.

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Where to send queries

  • General Queries: admin at
  • Abuse : abuse at
  • Database Services : db-admin at
  • DNS Services : dns-admin at
  • Mailing Lists : list-admin at
  • Mail aliases, mailboxes : mail-admin at
  • Web Services : web-admin at

Useful Mailing Lists

  • The hivemind announcement list - System announcements are posted to this list

To subscribe, visit [1]

Help files and references

Services provided

Mail System

  • Incoming mail is protected against spam, using Spamassassin[2], and protected against viruses using ClamAV[3] on top of the exim4 mailer. Spamassassin can be switched off on specific user accounts if so required (request this from the mail administrator).
  • Mail services
    • POP3: port 110, or port 995 with SSL encryption
    • IMAP: port 143, or port 993 with SSL encryption
    • SMTP: port 465 or 587 with SSL encruption, 1025 for iBurst users
    • Webmail[4] is also available.
  • Statistics on the mail system, including spam messages processed, is available.

DNS Hosting

  • Primary and secondary hosting for various domains.
  • Please request via appropriate channels should you require this service.

Web Hosting

  • Web hosting via the [5]Apache web server, including support for SSI, cgi_bin, mod_perl, php4, and others.

Database Hosting

  • MySQL and PostgreSQL databases are provided on request.

SSH Shell Access

  • ssh access is restricted.
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