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Hivemind Contact

Should you need to get in touch with the Hivemind administrative staff please note that we do NOT provide telephonic support. We only provide e-mail support. We do welcome the odd SMS indicating that a service might be down, but do not expect us to respond on these as we're likely to be busy attempting to fix the problem. Do not phone during service outages - SMS if you feel we might not know about it.

Know Your Admin!

Bretton Vine and Peet Grobler are currently handling the day to day management of the Hivemind Network along with some brains to pick on the network list from Lucio De Re, Andras Salamon, Matthew West, Lawrence Edwards and co.

Network notices will always be GPG signed for authenticy.

Queries (where to send queries):

  • Abuse: abuse @
  • General Queries: admin @
  • Database Services: db-admin @
  • DNS Services: dns-admin @
  • Email: mail-admin @
  • Mailing Lists: list-admin @
  • Web Services: web-admin @

If you are having trouble sending us mail, please report the problem here.

Useful mailing lists

The Hivemind Network makes use of a low-volume mailing list to communicate changes, planned outages, and other administrative communications to our users, namely the announce list.

Go to to subscribe to this list.

Feel free to go to for a list of all the mailing lists hosted under the domain.

Help files, references


Webmail is available to users via

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