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License/Copyright Issues on the Hivemind Network

  1. Please refer to the Hivemind Codex for the final word on Intellectual Property on the Hivemind Network:
  2. For original content on the wiki you may want to examine one of the Creative Commons style licenses.
  3. In the case of content hosted on the Hivemind Network we encourage you to only host original content. Pirated movies, music and software will be promptly removed and the user account shut down.

Feel free to discuss where to obtain such media, just don't use the network to distribute content you don't have the rights to distribute.

Hivemind Codex on Intellectual Property

  • Any posts to the hivemind mailing list become the intellectual property of the entire hivemind.
  • Members of the hivemind may freely quote, use or recycle any intellectual property belonging to the hivemind. Except in the case where the poster specifically wishes to retain copyright or wishes to draw attention to existing copyright in which case the passage must be clearly marked, eg. (c) or copyright withheld etc.
  • The hivemind's intellectual property may not be used in such a way that it will harm the hivemind, or members of the hivemind.
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