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A short guide on how to construct a link cable for headphone amplifiers.

Hardware Required:


2 x Mini jacks Cable and plugs.jpg


Tools required:


Side cutter

Soldering iron

Drill (optional)

Small bench vice



Step 1

Decide how long the cable needs to be, and cut.

Step 2

If the heatshrink does not fit over the connector push two pieces onto the cable.

Step 3

Unscrew the shells and slide then onto the cable. If the cable does not fir, drill the hole or use a dremel to make the hole bigger. Plugs on cable.jpg

Step 4

Strip about 20mm of insulation from the cable. Cable strip.jpg

Step 5

Unravel the braid and twist together. Tin this part

Step 6

Remove the cotton protection from inner core.

Step 7

Strip about 5mm of each end. Tin these and trim the earth braid so it's the right length.

Cable tin.jpg

Step 8

Tin the solder points on the jack. Tinning.jpg

The order of the following steps are my preference for soldering mini jacks.

Step 9

Solder the earth braid to the lug.

Step 10

Solder the two signal wires to their attachment points. The order for these two does not matter, just make sure that when you solder the other side the same color is used for the same pin. Finished soldering.jpg

Step 11

Using a multimeter, check for shorts between the pins

Step 12

Repeat all the above for the other side.

Step 13

Check for continuity between the two sides. Your meter should show a short from side A to side B

Finished Cable


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