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You can input your full or first name at and see what you get as a return. If you feel like it, post a selection or the complete set here via a link as follows:

[[Googlism_(Search Term)]] Added: 2007/08/15 where (Search Term) is your search

Please also include the full URL of your search term as follows

Please try and keep it in alphabetical order.

Hivemind Googlisms

The following people have added pages or links:

  1. Amy Richardson is available here: Googlism_(Amy Richardson) Added 2007/08/15
  2. Jeremy Thurgood is available here: Googlism_(jeremy) Added 2007/08/15
  3. Johan Pretorius is available here: Googlism_(johan) Added 2007/08/16


Kudos may be awarded for amusing or interesting Googlisms

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