Migrating Outlook data to a Mac

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One of the key worries people have about switching to the Mac platform, relates to the transfer of their mail, contacts and calendars that are stored in Outlook.

Up till recently it's been near impossible to do this, but Little Machines have come to the rescue. They have produced a shareware product ($10) that will migrate your all Outlook data for you.

Here's how it works. You install and licence the software on the computer that contains the Outlook personal data file (.pst). Once the program has started, it will scan all the Outlook folders and allow you to select which folders you'd like migrate. Once you've made your selection, it will start exporting mbox files for each Outlook mailbox folder and iCal files that can be imported into Mac OS X's iCal application.

Importing mbox into either Mail or Entourage is cinch - for Entourage you drop the mbox file out of the Finder into your folder list, and for Mail, you drop the mbox file into Mail's folder in the user's library.

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