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Editing help:

Firstly - the buttons at the top are pretty helpful, but not completely - but rather read the alt-text first before panicking. :-)

Secondly - if everyone could add one thing they know how to do this will soon be rapidly populated!

Thirdly - this wiki runs on MediaWiki software - you can get help at

How to:

1. Upload images:

- Click on the upload file button in the menu on the left.

- Follow the instructions.

- To link to an image you need to add this code to your page: square bracket square bracket imagename.filetype square bracket square bracket

2. Render an image as a thumbnail:

Use the same code as above but include |100px or whatever number of pixels you want it to be immediately after the filename and within the double square brackets.

3. Show a URL name

If you want to give a link a name not just display the usual [1.] formatting that wiki gives external links, format the link as usual (square bracket http://url square bracket) but before the closing bracket type the name you want, eg square bracket http://url site name square bracket.

Hope this helps. Anyone who knows how to make the wiki code render in plain text so I can put the actual code and not the words here, please let me know!

--sam 09:12, 30 Sep 2005 (SAST)

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