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is some guy that, once upon a time, played with some computer and networking stuff, and therefore still finds himself comfortable when surrounded by tech geeks.

He now spends more time playing with finance stuff, mostly in "transaction services".

Somehow, his unusual approach to these things has led to a reputation for being quite innovative and occasionally even knowledgable, and this has helped ensure that he gets to spend most of his 'working' hours doing stuff he enjoys.

Spare time

He loves music generally, with electronica, classical and jazz music the most likely to get him out of the house. Buying a decent piano is on the long-term priority list, as is making more time to play with his Roland JX305.

Mathematics, physics and astronomy also appeal greatly, though he feels somewhat dismayed at his low level of formal education achieved in these areas to date. He has at least managed to feed his interest in finance and markets a bit better though.

He has recently started playing football more regularly again, though it has been nearly 20 years since he's been in a team that's won any cup competitions.

In between

During the period between birth and death, he would like to ensure that his existence has in net terms resulted in the world being a better place.

Andrew is also a Pope of Discordia.

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